Professional conduct

These are some of the conclusions I have come to regarding professional conduct. They are just my own conclusions, everybody is different and it's best to come up with your own ideas about how to deal with people. However I've found the following thoughts useful.

An unbending adherence to positivity internally and externally leads to a happier life and doesn't prevent one from communicating or directing any sphere of activity. Positivity is heaven, negativity is hell.

I don't have to argue if I am in control of my own thoughts. I can take the time to consider what the other person is saying instead of playing energetic ping pong with them.

I do not have to convince another that my opinion is right or theirs is wrong in order to communicate with them.

I do not have to agree with someone on any matter to be their friend.

I don't like to work closely with someone that I cannot communicate fully and comfortably with, or whose company I do not enjoy.

I cannot work closely with someone with whom I cannot agree clear objectives and methodologies.

I can work with someone who doesn't do what I tell them, on an ad hoc basis.

It is emininently possible to work with people through other people, which solves the problem of not being able to work with people.

If someone is unresponsive, arrogant or rude I reserve the right to ignore them at a future date, though I'll try not to. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

People are people 'Leaders', 'young people', 'the homeless', 'the elderly', 'squatter', 'business people', 'employees', 'immigrants', 'the working classes' - these are just labels. Treat everyone with respect, but don't let them abuse you. Never miss the wood for the trees.

Patience is indeed a virtue Take the time to understand people, their needs, their values and their commitments. People are not here to serve you, whether or not you happen to be able to pay them.

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